Brainy Baby DVD Early Learning Discovery Collection Sparking Your Child's Curiosity 4 DVD Gift Set Deluxe Edition

Brainy Baby



AWARD WINNING EARLY DISCOVERY INFANT and TODDLER LEARNING 4 DVD SET encourages WHOLE BRAIN DEVELOPMENT, featuring Live-Action and real children using familiar objects to help make fast learning connections. Great for preschool prep! The BRAINY BABY EARLY DISCOVERY INFANT and TODDLER LEARNING DVD COLLECTION includes 4 Interactive infant and toddler learning DVD's: LEFT BRAIN DVD encourages LEFT BRAIN development exposing children to CLASSICAL MUSIC while exploring LOGIC, PATTERNS, LETTERS & NUMBERS, SEQUENCING, ANALYZING DETAILS and more!  . RIGHT BRAIN DVD encourages RIGHT BRAIN development exposing children to creative types of images and activities which stimulate whole brain development.  . PEEK-a-BOO DVD introduces important concepts such as OBJECT PERMANENCE,  COMMUNICATION, CAUSE and EFFECT, LANGUAGE BASICS and many others. LAUGH & DISCOVER DVD helps teach Infants and Toddlers with MATCHING GAMES, MUSIC, THINGS THAT "GO" and much more! . Brainy Baby is University Studied and winner of over 75 Awards! Brainy Baby 4 DVD EARLY DISCOVERY INFANT and TODDLER LEARNING COLLECTION bundle includes: 4 DVDs:  RIGHT BRAIN - LEFT BRAIN - PEEK a BOO and LAUGH & DISCOVER. Special Features:  Behind the Scenes, A Storybook and Baby Bloopers! . Each DVD is 45 Minutes in Length - over 3 hours of Learning Content . For Infants and Toddlers.

  • 45 minutes each
  • For Infants and Toddlers
  • A Brainy Baby Product