Boomerang Baby - The Cooeee Sun Hat

The Cooeee provides up to UPF 50 plus protection from the harmful UV rays. Eye lenses block between 95 to 99 percent of ultraviolet radiation The Cooeee is available in a range of different designs and sizes. The Cooeee was created by a designer, wife and mother of three in Australia, and this is her story... I sat on Avoca Beach, a beautiful surf beach about an hour and a half north of Sydney Australia watching kids, along with my own, playing on the water's edge. Some kids were wearing hats, some weren't. What they were all doing though was squinting their eyes against the blazing sun that shone down on their faces and reflected off the water into their eyes. I like many parents didn't always find it easy to get my kids to wear a hat or sunglasses but I knew how important it was for my family to have excellent protection from the sun's damaging UV rays. I thought, if the kids had sun protection that was fun to wear it would probably be a hat they would want to wear. The Cooeee hat was born. One of my favourite moments while developing The Cooeee hat was the day I took my hats to a preschool on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. I watched the kids lining up with excitement to take turns wearing my hat. They loved the coloured lenses and the sense of adventure they felt wearing my hat. 20 kids running around wearing my hat with beaming smiles across their faces, priceless.

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