Brainy Tangle Textured Twist and Fidget Puzzle Toy
Tangle Brainy Textured Twist Puzzle Toy
Tangle Brainy Textured Twist Puzzle Toy Fidget Spinner

Brainy Twist Tangle Textured Fidget Puzzle Toy

Brainy Tangle Twist Puzzle Toy from Tangle Creations.  Tangle Creations Original Texture Tangle has fun colors and 5 wonderful textures adding great play and educational value! Texture Tangle provides individuals of all ages the fun and enjoyment of fine motor manipulation along with the therapeutic benefits of control, dexterity, concentration and focus and problem solving. Low impact activities like Tangle also relieves stress through the easy twisting and turning motions. Segments have different surface textures to add a new sensory element to the fun. Tangle is comprised of a patented system of rotating interconnecting links. It can be twisted, turned, bent, coiled and shaped into a myriad of your own creative visions. This Tangle has different textures on the links. Some have coils, smooth, small bumps, or little bumps on the link surface. The possibilities are endless on what you can do with your Brainy Twist Tangle Creation. This extra large twist varies in texture and color throughout its design. Includes a colorful package insert filled with lots of brainy games and fun ideas. Feel it, twist it, play puzzles and games wear it, build with it and more.

  • For ages 3+ years