Brainy Baby Preschool Learning DVDs Complete Set of 13

Brainy Baby Preschool Learning DVDs Complete Set of 13

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Brainy Baby 13 Preschool Learning DVD Collection is THREE Collections in ONE!

Brainy Baby Deluxe 13 DVD Set are award winning preschool learning DVDs for infants and toddlers.  Brainy Baby is university studied and winner of 77 awards.  Brainy Baby preschool educational DVDs teach academic and enrichment subjects using the teach repeat review method. The Brainy Baby Learning DVD collection includes 13 Interactive toddler learning DVDs that teach ABCs,123s, Shapes and Colors, Animals, Music, Art, English, Spanish and Sign Language.  This 13 DVD set also includes our Infant Brain Development series Left Brain, Right Brain, Laugh and Discover and Peek a Boo which stimulates whole brain development in infants featuring live action and real children using familiar objects to help make fast learning connections. Brainy Baby early learning preschool DVDs are designed to complement Brainy Baby preschool educational flashcards and preschool educational board books to help reinforce and enhance the child's the learning experience. Brainy Baby board books and flash cards use high quality images of objects to which children can easily relate. Brainy Baby Deluxe 13 DVD Preschool Learning Collection bundle for infants and toddlers includes these Special Features: Baby Bloopers, Behind the Scenes and a Storybook.  

  • Each DVD is 45 minutes in length
  • Over 12 hours of Academic and Enrichment content
  • For ages 6 months to 5 years
  • University studied
  • Winner of 77 awards

Infant Learning DVD Set

  • Left Brain
  • Right Brain
  • Laugh and Discover
  • Peek a Boo

Academic Learning DVD Set

  • ABCs
  • 123s
  • Shapes and Colors
  • Animals

Enrichment Learning DVD Set

  • Art
  • Music
  • Spanish
  • English
  • Sign Language