Sleepy Bee Portable Children's Sleep Aid for Car Seat, Stroller or Crib

Sleepy Bee


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Meet Sleepy Bee. Perfect for the mom on the go, Sleepy Bee's soothing sounds neutralize noise in the car, at a restaurant, in the grocery store or even at home. Compact, portable, versatile and easy to use, Sleepy Bee will soon be your favorite mother's helper. Everyone knows a tired, cranky baby affects the whole family. Sleepy Bee calms and soothes your child for a more pleasant nap or night time sleep experience. Sleepy Bee is small, portable and easy to use. An elastic and Velcro strap conveniently secures Sleepy Bee to car seats, cribs, and strollers. Two settings allow you to adjust the volume for an uninterrupted nap in the car, nursery, a busy restaurant, or a sports event. With adorable droopy eyes and soothing ocean sounds, Sleepy Bee makes the perfect gift for a new mom.

  • For Infants