NapUp Child Head Support - Teal
NapUp Child Head Support - Teal
NapUp Child Head Support Lifestyle Girl and Boy Nap Up
NapUp Child Head Support
NapUp Child Head Support Lifestyle Girl Nap Up
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NapUp Child Head Support Lifestyle Nap Up
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NapUp Child Car Seat Head Support - A Comfortable Safe Sleep Solution

Children love using NapUp as it is cozy and comfortable. When the child is awake the forehead strap is positioned above the child's head without touching it. When the child falls asleep the forehead strap is lowered to the forehead leaving about an inch between the strap and the child's head. NapUp is not restrictive and allows for maximum movement, while keeping the child's head comfortably upright.
NapUp is helpful for parents, as it frees them from having to worry about their sleeping child's head while they are driving and allows them to focus completely on the road, without distraction.

  • No More Bobbing Heads – NapUp head support solution stops your child’s head from falling forward when they are asleep on the go, keeping their heads secure. NapUp is made of two parts, the headrest that is attached to the car seat and a head strap which connects to it. When the child is awake, the head strap is moved up above the child's head without disturbing them. When the toddler falls asleep the head strap is lowered to the forehead, with a gap of up to 1" between the forehead and strap.
  • Safety First – NapUp is fully compliant with US and EU safety standards and is the first head support device that passed multiple crash tests for head, chest and neck safety, at the well-known Calspan Lab. Our list of rigorous standards includes: US - FMVSS 213, US - NPRM 213 (US Side-Impact) and EU - ECER44. The materials of the pillow and strap are of very high quality, made of OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and are flame retardant. The product passed the SGS CPC exam for the safety of its materials.
  • Driving with Ease – NapUp reduces driver distraction and gives parents peace of mind by keeping their kids heads upright comfortably and securely when they fall asleep in the car. This allows the driver to concentrate on driving and not on having to continually turn around to push the child's head back up when it flops. Nap Up supports the child's head yet is nonrestrictive and allows for movement.
  • Perfect Fit – NapUp was created to easily attach to all kinds of car seats and high back boosters. The patented design was made to support children's heads when they fall asleep in the car, because as we all know, when children fall asleep sitting up, their heads invariably fall down. The special design allows the head strap to easily adjust to every head size - NapUp will grow with your kids! We at NapUp have taken a high-tech approach to keeping kids' heads up – comfortably and safely.

NapUp comes to solve a significant problem facing parents worldwide: bobbing heads - when children fall asleep sitting up in their car seat or high back booster, their heads naturally start flopping forward, making the ride uncomfortable and definitely less secure. This is a very common and irritating situation
NapUp put together a team of top designers, orthopedists, engineers and parents, and the NapUp head support was born – smart, sophisticated, yet simple to use.
NapUp - the patent pending head support with its high tech approach in design, made of extremely high quality materials and complete compliance with international safety standards is truly in its own league.
★ Easily attachable
★ Adjusts to every head size
★ Minimal forehead contact, maximum movement
★ Successfully passed all crash tests conducted
★ Compliant with regulations and standards under the CPSIA
★ Made from advanced "no sweat" materials
★ Machine washable
★ Lightweight and portable
★ Simple to use for parents and kids
★ Reduces driver distraction and gives parents peace of mind

 Long term use

The use of NapUp is suitable for children sitting in a front facing car seat and high-back booster. What this means for you is that NapUp grows with your child, and can be used for many years, starting from when your child is in a forward-facing car seat, and through all the years they are sitting in a high back booster. The product includes a forehead strap that is connected by Velcro, so it can be made smaller or bigger according to your child's head size.