Melissa & Doug Flapping Flower Clacking Baby & Toddler Toy

Melissa & Doug


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This colorful wooden flower toy features clicking, clacking petals! Lay them one way to display a rainbow of colors, then flip them over to change to a pattern of yellow and white. Perfect for developing visual discrimination and hand-eye coordination, this clever toy makes early skills part a natural process of discovery and play. Classic styling and wooden construction make First Play Flapping Flower an ideal first-year present. It's beautifully designed, durably made and full of playtime ideas for parents and babies to share! Extension Activities: More Ways to Play and Learn: Talk to your child about what you see. Describe the colors of the petals and the stripes and wings of the bee, pointing to each feature as you say its name. Pause between sentences so the child can "answer" with babbles or gestures. Toddlers may be able to point to the features after you demonstrate. Trace the circular shape of the toy with the child, holding his/her hand to help guide it. Move the toy to make the petals rattle. Use your hand to flip all the petals, one after another. Stand the flower on one end and roll it along the floor with your hands to flip the petals and make sounds. Hide the flower toy behind a pillow or blanket while the child looks on. Say, "Where is the flower?" Move the flower into view, saying, "Peekaboo! ".

  • Dimensions: 7. 25" x 7. 25" x 1. 25" Packaged