Lisa Leleu Percilla the Gorilla Puppet Show Book




Slumber Party! Introducing Percilla who has a slumber party in her enchanted tree fort. The gorilla girls have lots of fun stories to tell and things to do like dancing and singing and much more.


  • 1 Puppet Show Book with a Removable Hand Puppet
  • 1 Story of Percilla The Gorilla
  • 1 StoryStarter for Percilla The Gorilla
  • 1 Puppet Show DVD (45 min)
  • For ages 3 and up.
  • Lisa Leleu Story Starter™ Create your own story for Percilla! In this adventure, you get to decide what happens. Will Percilla go school, take a trip to the country, or will she go on an airplane ride? You and Percilla can go anywhere your imagination takes you!!! Benefits: Puppet Show Play Sets provide a new and valuable experience for children. Watch your child’s eyes light up while you read and act out the story making the puppet come to life! You will inspire your child in many ways giving them an experience that will benefit them for a lifetime! Research reveals the powerful impact of theater activities on children’s physical, emotional, social and cognitive development. The confidence gained in drama applies to school, career, and life.