Lisa Leleu Frenchy the Frog Puppet Show Book



Visit Paris with Frenchy The Frog. Learn all the important things you need to know when you are in Paree. Like La Glass. That's ice cream in French Mmmmmm, there are lots of good things to know about Paree Includes 1 Puppet Show Book with a Removable Hand Puppet 1 Story of Frenchy The Frog 1 Story Starter for Frenchy The Frog 1 45 minute Puppet Show DVD For ages 3 and up. Lisa Leleu Studios Story Starter Write it Illustrate it Act it Out Create your own story for Frenchy the Frog. It's easy with Lisa LeLeu Story Starters Will Frenchy the Frog go to the beach, go camping in the forest, or attend a soccer game You and Frenchy the Frog can go anywhere your imagination takes you Benefits: Puppet Show Play Sets provide a new and valuable experience for children. Watch your child’s eyes light up while you read and act out the story making the puppet come to life. You will inspire your child in many ways giving them an experience that will benefit them for a lifetime. Research reveals the powerful impact of theater activities on children’s physical, emotional, social and cognitive development. The confidence gained in drama applies to school, career and life.