Flipple Simple Sippy



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Flipple helps you be prepared for the unexpected. It will turn a bottled water into a Sippy bottle or Baby bottle in seconds. Flipples will fit 99 percent of bottled water products. It's a 2 in 1 product when the Flipple adapter allows a sippy top to be added to bottled water resulting in a sippy or baby bottle simply by switching out the silicone top. Watch your child drink more water and enjoy the big kid feeling of being able to hold their own bottle, and guess what? You no longer have to share and you no longer have to lug sippy and baby bottles. Clean up involves putting the Flipple adapter back into your bag, leaving only the sippy tops to wash. BPA free and passes all safety tests. Made in the USA. Offer includes 1 each Flipple adapter, special leak proof sippy top with collar and cap.

  • BPA Free
  • Built in funnel for adding formula or other additives
  • Minimal clean up
  • Coverts to a Sippy Bottle or Baby Bottle
  • Safe fast and convenient