Timbee Rubber Rain Boots - Wild Dinosaur



  • WATERPROOF - We are parents too, and we understand the importance of purchasing products that do the job. These boots get the job done. These boots are not only waterproof but are designed to take the day to day beating that comes from limitless exploration.
  • EASY ON HANDLES - Who doesn't love watching a two year old happily put on their boots by themselves?! Your child will feel confident and proud as they say "look, mom, I can do it myself!" With flexible handles on both sides, these boots will soon become the "go-to" anytime you step outside.
  • FUN PLAYFUL Colors - We don't just design boots to be comfortable, but we also design them to be a flection of personality. From Sharks to Mermaids and Daises to airplanes and solid colors, We are confident that your child will find a boot they love.
  • GUARANTEED HAPPINESS –Just be aware that your child might love these boots SO MUCH that they might try to wear them to bed.

Timbee was created to bring happiness to your kids. Get your child out in the world and help them #sharetheirshine - oh, and splashing in a few puddles along the way just adds to the fun!