ChattySnaps® Hunting Camo Water Bottle Holder with 3 Interchangeable ChattySnaps® Buttons Gift Pack






As mothers, ChattySnaps' Chief Chatterboxes Annalee Oakley and Alicia Schwartz saw what pinback buttons did to clothes... not to mention the danger to young children, so they set out to perfect an already popular way to express yourself. Their new idea not only changed buttons, but brought about fun and creative new ways to wear them.  

The innovative design of ChattySnaps makes them ideal for many applications, including ChattySnaps® Tales®. Tale display three snaps and can be worn on backpacks, bags, belt loops, and key rings. ChattySnaps® lanyards feature six snaps and are perfect for schools, events, organizations, and trade shows. In addition to Tales and lanyards, many more products will be available soon, and you can expect to find them at this website. However you wear ChattySnaps®, they're a great way to tell your story, show your interests, display your school spirit, promote your cause, or just be funny.

Everyone has a story, and ours is just beginning. We're making cool new products to help you tell yours!


ChattySnaps® is a new and innovative button with a patented snap back design created for easy wear. Fabrics stay intact and don’t tear from pin holes as in traditional pin back buttons. ChattySnaps® are a great way for anyone to make a statement, support their favorite sports team, display school spirit, tell their story and show their interests and hobbies. Snaps can be worn on backpacks, bags, belt loops, keyrings, water bottle holders and lanyards. Great conversation starters in school, in the mall or anywhere. Great for tradeshows. Hundreds of snaps to choose from. Great for party favors and gifts. Collect them or trade with your friends. Say Something with ChattySnaps®. ChattySnaps® products help people get connected in the real world. They are a fun way to express yourself and spark conversations. No more awkward silences. When you see someone sporting ChattySnaps® you like say something. Start a conversation. It's a great way to meet new people.  Made in USA.

  • ChattySnaps® are a great way to tell your story, show your interests, display your school spirit, promote your cause or just be funny.
  • ChattySnaps® Tales® Accessory displays 3 interchangeable snaps which are included and can be worn on backpacks, bags and belt loops.
  • ChattySnaps® buttons are 1.25 inches in diameter and have don't have pins so no getting stuck. Tales® accessory comes with 3 interchangeable ChattySnaps® buttons.
  • Tales measure 8.75 inches long from top of carabiner to bottom of webbing
  • ChattySnaps® are made in the USA and fun to collect and trade artful sets of snaps for your ChattySnaps® gear, including our ChattySnaps® Tales® Accessories, hats, lanyards and more.